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How did I Become a Fashion Designer?

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Since childhood I was fascinated by all the aspects involved in creating a dress, from the initial sketch design to the finishing touches. In fact, most of my games as a little girl were around creating my own brand of clothes and selling them in my store. My inspiration was my mother, who was a dressmaker in our neighborhood. Seeing her work in designing and creating gave me that initial push towards becoming a fashion designer.

Once I started my school years I was always interested in the art and history of fashion. In those years, the 1980's and 1990's, there was no Internet and all studies were done using books. With much effort I got copies of the "Dictionary of Fashion" (Margarite Riviere) and "Fashion - The Century of Designers" (Charlotte Seeling) among other similar books. By reading these books I awoke an admiration for the methods and products of European designers of those years and evaluating information from these reference books helped me a lot to develop my own personal style, something that every designer must have to be successful in this profession.

Taking classes on nights and weekends I was able to complete all my requirements and graduate in 2006 with a Bachelor in Fashion Design. With my degree, a requirement in my country to have my type of business, and with a lot of hard work, I was able to make my dream a reality, establishing my own company "Yokomoda S.A." in the city of Guayaquil.

After almost three decades in my field, what still fascinates and motivates me about my profession is the creative process. I love designing a sketch detailing how the dress will be built and then tailor it and finish it. I am extremely satisfied when I see the faces of happiness of my customers when they wear my designs.

Now, at my tender age of 55, my new goal is to adjust to life in the US, adapting to the culture, learning English while creating and sharing my designs and products in my new country of residence.

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Yoko Briones