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Your Wardrobe and Image Transformation

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Greetings to all! Unfortunately, I have been fully occupied with preparations for the wedding of my eldest son, and with preparations to launch my new collection for 2017 in Ecuador and the United States which has prevented me from adding new content in the recent weeks.

The point of this article is to give some suggestions and advice for the three most critical activities that should take when you embark on the road to change the image you are presenting.

To change the image, you project, you have to take into account many factors, both external and internal that affect your image. Some of these factors are related to your personal behavior and your presence. I am going to concentrate in this post on those items that are related to your wardrobe, and how to go about effecting change.

When doing a personal transformation your ultimate goal should be to find the right look that is in perfect harmony with what you want to present about yourself, and that allows you to feel good inside and out gives you the confidence needed to be successful in your life.

To reach that end point, first you have to make introspective image you are currently presenting and compare that image with the image you want to present. That gives you the baseline point from where to start your transformation.

My recommendation is that you include in your transformation action plan the following major activities related to your wardrobe:

  • (1)Analyze – Begin this activity by determining the colors, based on the study of your body and morphology, you should use in your wardrobe. After you have identified the colors that suit you, the next step is to identify what type of clothes favor the strengths of your figure.
  • (2)Assess and Update - When you have completed this part of your analysis, the next thing to do is assess your closet, identifying the items that you are both ruled out that do not reflect the colors and styles that you want to project in your new image, and garments which, with modifications sleeves, neck or changing buttons, can be part of your new image.
  • (3)Complete- The final step is to determine the type of clothes you need to add to complete your new wardrobe with new clothes based on the colors and styles you have identified to be critical to make you successful in changing of your image.

Following the above key steps will help you identify the areas of your wardrobe that you need to work on to help you succeed in your personal image transformation project!

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